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Available only seasonally—from now till Christmas, the most beautiful meal of the year—Pandoro, at first glance, looks like it belongs on the table of the Montagues and Capulets, those star-crossed families of Verona in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. And indeed Pandoro was invented in Verona! In truth, however, Pandoro as we know it is really a 19th century invention of Italian Bakers-- not unlike Panettone, the fruit-and-raisin-studded holiday cake. Like the panettone it is made from a “mother-starter” without the use of commercial yeast and has remarkable keeping qualities-- without preservatives. Still, despite its Victorian-era origins, it sure seems to belong to the High Renaissance: a stunningly glorious looking creation.

When sliced horizontally, the Pandoro produces a piece in the shape of a star. More traditionally it is cut vertically and is a perfect vehicle for preserves, conserves, gelato, jams, jellies, and ice cream. Or by itself, the Pandoro provides a pound-cake like use: elegant and beautiful in its simplicity of taste and design.

A dramatic eight-sided mountain of cake-bread, replete with sugar for snow, our Pandoro provides an almost endless array of possibilities for your Holiday dessert table

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