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The Di Camillo Family has been baking our hand-rolled Scaletta bread since 1920 and it is the cornerstone of our bakery. “Scaletta” is Italian for “small-ladder” and the name refers to the back-and-forth curling of the dough that occurs when the loaf is formed. This hand-working of the dough helps develop the distinctive shape, resulting in its rich, expansive crust. It is the 

hearth-baking, which means it is baked directly on the oven-deck without a pan, that helps create the thick, flavorful crust. Beneath the crust of these hand-formed loaves lies a soft, white, fiber- like interior texture with a eemarkably clean taste. We recommend it unsliced for better keeping quality. There is no better toast anywhere!

It is from this same simple, sugar-free, shortening-free, preservative-free dough that we also fashion many of our breads, rolls and pizzas.

Italian Scaletta Bread, Small - Unsliced 14oz.

This larger version of our most famous bread gives a more generous sized slice and, some maintain, an even better eating experience! A family favorite. A little more difficult to cut but definitely worth the effort. Completely hearth-baked.

Italian Scaletta Bread, Small - Sliced 14oz. 

This is the perfect sandwich-size loaf. Perfect for sandwiches, toast, and the best experience of “bread-and-butter” you’ll ever have. Approximately 24-26 slices.

Italian Scaletta Bread, Small - Par Baked 14 oz.

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