Italian Cookies

Anise Pizzelles:  There is no cookie in our repertoire that speaks more directly to our Abruzzi roots that this classic,  pressed-cookie of the Abruzzo. No home baker, from this region, is without their own version of this cookie. Our grandmother's original pizzelle iron hangs proudly in our Lewiston, New York store to this very day: a family icon of our baking history. Our pizzelle are flavored with whole Anise-seed, and are a pressed butter waffle-cookies. They are perfect with gelato and tea, coffee or sweet wine. A special summer treat is the “Pizzelle Ice-Cream Sandwich” made with two-pizzelles encasing soft vanilla custard.
Coconut Macaroons:  Moist, sweet, and chewy with a buttery-custard taste. This is one of our most popular cookies. Made in a two-step process, first a custard base is cooked on the stove before being blended with the fresh shredded coconut. For those who dream of the perfect coconut macaroon, dream no more! Our coconut macaroons were a SOFI Award Nominee for Best Cookie.
Crumiri:  This Italian regional cookie-classic is nearly gluten-free. A butter-cookie made from cornmeal, it is often called the “polenta-cookie”. Dense with a unique buttery taste and with an equally singular toasted-polenta texture.
Cuccidati Buccellati "Sicilian Fig Cookies":  These cookies trace their origins to Sicilian bakers and their rich blending of European and Arab baking traditions. There are countless interpretations of this cookie but it is the fig-filling that is its most important component: a blend of fig, orange, spices which perfectly displays the genius of the Sicilian baking tradition. This rich fig-jam is rolled into a tender cookie shell and cut into tubes.

Traditionally, they were formed in a curved bracelet-shape, the source for part of the name "Buccellati", which means “small bracelet”. It is Cuccidati, however, that is the name most widely used by Sicilian Americans. They are an indispensable, nostalgic cookie for generations of Sicilian Americans.

Our Buccellati Cuccidati have kept alive this tradition. Made entirely by hand, these fruit filled cookies are complex and delicious.

Gocce Di Cioccolato:  Tender, melt-in-your-mouth butter/chocolate-chip cookies topped with a baked-on sugar icing. This is a cookie for the child in us all-- and perfect with a glass of cold milk!

Pasticcini Di Burro Con Noci:  Essential to the baker's repertoire is a butter cookie and it is also something of a test of one’s baking skill. Our butter-walnut pasticcini are a Di Camillo original recipe. Nearly a shortbread cookie in taste, but a crisper snap awaits your first bite.

The Di Camillo Family fell in love with butter—something of a scarcity in our native Abruzzi, Italy-- nearly a century ago, shortly after our arrival in North America, and this love has only increased with each generation. Our Pasticcini di Burro does our love-of-butter proud. A perfect tea cookie.

Sweet Abruzzi Biscotti Sampler:  This hand-packed sampling of biscotti and cookies contains Anise Pizzelles, Chocolate Biscotti Di Prato®, Crumiri (a corn,meal butter cookie), Biscotti Amaretti, and Biscotti Di Vino.

Neatly arranged in an airtight, clear, container and are an excellent value.