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History of Di Camillo Italian Scaletta Bread 0

Though my grandparents were one in everything they did, it was without question, my grandfather’s vision that drove them to start our bakery.  Fa...

The Father's of Di Camillo Bakery 0

First row:  Frank & Tom DiCamillo 1942, Tom & Betty DiCamillo 1935, Second row:  David & Frank Di Camillo 1943, Nick DiCamillo with J...

Bucellati Cucidati 0

Every Sicilian American I have ever known has a nostalgic, personal story about the Cucidati cookie. Always in their story is a mother, aunt, grandmother, or neighbor who made the most sublime and satisfying Cucidati in the world—and I believe all of them! Personally, I have never met anything made with fig that I didn't like.
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Colomba Cake Adventure 0

In the Beginning My three brothers and I have been fascinated with Italian Christmas Panettone and Easter Colombo cakes for nearly twenty years. ...